How to choose an ironing table?

Every house today has such a miracle of modern technology as an iron. In addition to it was invented and a special table for ironing underwear - it is also called an ironing board. The adaptation significantly simplifies the life of the hostesses. Let's understand what the features of ironing installations, what to pay attention to when choosing and whether it is possible to build such an installation yourself.


The modern industry offers a huge selection of products. Including ironing units.
Most often, familiar to all the standard iron boards console type. This version is mobile, light, strong enough. Modern boards are equipped with a metal iron stand with unburnable silicone inserts, an iron fork, a cord holder. The size of the standard ironing boards is wide - there are both mini-representatives and quite impressive in size of the installation. In general, everyone can find a device under themselves.

For those who have a problem with the storage space of the ironing, there is an option to buy a board board. It is small in size - it is a compact plane with small legs, which is easy to install on any table available in the house. This option, in addition, is very inexpensive.

For small rooms, another possible installation option is a built-in ironing board. Usually it is fixed in a closet or installed inside the dressing system. It is possible to perform an ironing board in the form of a decor element, when the back part of it looks like a mural or a painting, but in this case the cost of the product increases significantly.
An interesting solution to the stylish design were ironing boards in the form of small dressers. The device is similar to the changing table for kids - there is an ironing surface on the dresser and has additional elements folding on the sides. So you can adjust the size of the board on your own. The bottom part with the boxes acts as a storage function. The design can be different: woven, fabric, rattan, wood.
Finally, the most modern ironing units are ironing tables with a vacuum and a steam generator, other additional functions. Such devices are expensive, take up a lot of space and will not suit everyone. But buying is worth your money.


The ironing boards with steam generators are equipped with a fan with multi-directional airflows, which helps to keep the fabric on the surface of the table more securely. Such tables are convenient when ironing delicate fabrics, synthetic and elastic products. In addition, on such a board there are additional functions of steaming and drying underwear. In short, such an acquisition is exactly useful and will significantly simplify the housewife's household chores.
As we can see, the choice of ironing units for the house is wide. The variety of models sometimes leads to confusion. Next, let's understand the nuances that should be paid attention to when buying a table for ironing laundry.

Choice criteria
The stores offer a wide range of ironing boards. There are some criteria to pay attention to when choosing a table for ironing laundry.

The primary criterion - iron board should be small in weight, otherwise it will be difficult to move from place to place if necessary.
Pay attention to the strength of the design: the board should not swing and sag from the weight of the iron in any case.
The ironing unit should be compact in size for easy movement and storage in a specially designated location. Large goods may not fit in the closet.

Optimal should be not only the overall shape of the iron table, but also its width - the right hand will facilitate the process of ironing the hostess.
The tabletop should be made of unburnable fabric, otherwise the consequences can be unpredictable.
Finally, it is important to take into account the possibility of adjusting the height of the table for ironing. The ironing table should be set in height in accordance with the user's growth. In addition, it is better if there is a reliable retainer to fix the level. If you liked a specific type of ironing board, but at least one criterion is not met, it is better to refuse the purchase, so as not to regret the inconvenient purchase.

As for the independent invention of installations with the steamer with their own hands, it is still easier and safer to buy the finished product. Assembling a steam generator on its own is complex and requires financial investment, and no one will guarantee the safety of the installation. In addition, such complex mechanisms are more used on an industrial scale, and for home use is enough standard ironing board.


Ranking the best

Among manufacturers of any product there is always a competition for the buyer. Consider the best, according to buyers options tables, for ironing laundry at home.

Nika has proven itself well. For many years, the ironing boards of this firm lead the market, which is facilitated by a wide size range, compactness of models, low cost in combination with a minimum set of additional qualities (metal stand for iron, cord holder).
Not inferior in the ranking and foreign Bosch. The brand has long been distinguished by the quality of manufactured goods. The metal base of the installation and the compactness of the table are pleasing. But the difference between bosch's iron table is that it is equipped with additional heating and flow and hot air suction. There is also an iron cord holder, a stand, a storage case.


Philips is following. The size of the ironing boards is wide. There is a unique technology called Shoulder Wing, which makes it easy to smooth the shoulders on shirts and dresses thanks to the presence of special stands. There is a function of protection against children.
These three leaders in the ironing market have been occupying their positions for a long time. So, consumers really like the products of these brands and have something to choose from.

To choose the right iron table, consider all the criteria, as well as the dimensions of your living space. If the apartment allows, then, of course, it is necessary to choose an installation with a full set of functions - it will significantly facilitate the process of care for underwear. Now you know how to make the right choice. And the advice at last: choose an ironing board with a bright cover, then the process of ironing will not be so boring.

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